Exciting Future for V8 Racing in NZ

When the next domestic season of motorsport kicks off in New Zealand, there will be exciting new formats and regulations for V8 fans and drivers alike to enjoy.

With the arrival of the TA2 PBR spec V8 racers on New Zealand shores, and Trans Tasman competition planned for the future, NZ Touring Cars Ltd is further pleased to announce the launch of a much needed additional category to take over the esteemed NZV8 domestic brand – the new category catering for a variety of existing V8 race cars.

“Foremostly NZ Touring Cars Ltd is committed to the new exciting TransTasman V8 Series (TTV8s) based on the controlled TA2 PBR spec car of which there are currently now fifty cars in Australia. The TA2 car sales are progressing nicely from Eastern Automotive the TA2 Service and Sales Agent for NZ,” says Category Manager Gary Lathrope.

The new-look NZV8 category is aimed at providing a cost-effective, meaningful racing platform with as few rigid technical regulations as possible and where performance differences are levelled through alternative mechanisms.

For the coming season, due to the effects of Covid-19 on the motorsport landscape in New Zealand, both TTV8s (TA2) and NZV8s shall race in the same field under the BNT V8s banner with new regulations created for the category.

“Our intention for the following season, subject to Covid-19 restrictions is to have TTV8s as a stand-alone category for New Zealand and Australian based TA2 PBR Spec cars.  At that time the new BNT V8s would then become a separate category under the New Zealand Touring Cars umbrella.”

NZ Touring Cars are in the process of finalising the new BNT V8s Series formula with the following regulations are set to be implemented:

Technical Regulations

  • Eligible Cars: SuperTourers, TLX, PBR Spec TA2, TLs, 4 door sedans or 2 door Coupes Mustang, Camaro, BMW
  • Engine: V8 normally aspirated rear wheel drive
  • Any pump fuel regularly available in NZ
  • No Driver Aids
  • Up to 18 inch diameter rims
  • 2 controlled tyre suppliers with similar compounds
  • Front and rear tyres to be the same size
  • No tyre warmers
  • Controlled number of dry tyres per Season/Round
  • In Car Camera and Race Radio

Race Formats

  • 2 x Sprint Races 1 off marble draw, 2nd reverse of marble draw
  • 1 x longer distance Feature Race with a Compulsory Pit Stop
  • Feature Race Compulsory Pit Stop will be a Balance of Power (BOP) timed Stop, the times would be determined from previous timed laps, this gives everyone a fair and even chance to perform well in the feature Race
  • Points heavily weighted for Feature Race