Season of Learning for Podjursky

Eighteen-year-old Inglewood student Matt Podjursky made his touring car debut when he joined the BNT V8s for round one at Pukekohe in November.

Having climbed his way up the ranks of Karting in which he was a 2x National title winner, Podjursky has spent the past three seasons racing in the HiQ Components Formula First Championship where he finished second this past season – claiming the most podiums out of any driver along the way.

We hear from Matt as he reflects on his first weekend of V8 racing.

Round one of the BNT V8s done and your debut event in the category, how do you think you did?

MP: My debut was a hard step up from Formula First, I learnt a lot about the car and how to adapt to driving it in all types of conditions.

Is the step up out of Formula first to V8 a big step?

MP: It has been a huge step up for not only myself but the entire team, we have so much lean with the data side but I am sure we can get on top of this in no time.

You can now call yourself a member of the Pukekohe Mountain club, having a scary moment across the top.

MP: I definitely think I am now a part of that club! The actual off on the grass wasn’t the worst. It was the shooting across the track hoping that I wasn’t going to collide with anyone.

First impressions of the racing in the class?

MP: The class is just amazing everyone is so friendly, welcoming and willing to help whilst always still being very competitive.

Will this season be a learning season?

MP: Definitely, this season is about learning the car how to maximize everything I can and especially going over the data and trying to always improve.

Do you have much experience at Taupo? Do you have any expectations?

MP: Taupo has been a good track for me in the past with Formula First, I picked up my first win there so will definitely hope to be up the front pack but this season is all about learning the car so we have no expectations going forward

Still chasing some sponsorship dollar for the rest of the season?

MP: We are certainly still chasing a major partner to join our team, at this stage we don’t have a major partner on the side of the car. Hopefully some good results at Taupo can change this. Though, we have just welcomed Performance Industry Limited and ORG Racewear to the team.