Hughes and Lathrope Cars Repaired Ahead of Taupo

The class one cars of Brad Lathrope and Lance Hughes have been repaired and will return to the grid for Round 2 of the BNT V8s at Taupo this weekend.

Both cars sustained significant damage during the start of race three at Pukekohe’s Round one earlier in the month.

The Ford Falcon of Brad Lathrope stalled on the start line before being collected by the Holden Commodore of Lance Hughes.

“We got off pretty lightly compared to Lance,” said Lathrope.

“Our damage was largely superficial to our knowledge. We have needed a new rear bumper, rear bumper support, boot, tail lights,”

The newly repaired chassis of class one competitor Lance Hughes. Photo Mitchell Race Xtreme.

‘We fixed it and we’re ready to go for the next round.”

For Lance Hughes, the damage to his car was more extensive. After getting the car to chassis builder Mitchell Race Xtreme and checking out the damage, the decision was made to replace the entire front chassis clip.

“It wasn’t actually a big hit, according to the data we hit at 56km/hr, it was just the angle of the impact that caused the damage,” says Hughes.

“The car has needed a whole new front right chassis rail which was bent and twisted, a new cross member which was cracked as well as all the associated suspension components.”

“I’d say that we’re looking at a $20,000-$25,000 repair bill.”

“A big thanks to Owen Evans and Smeg Racing who were able to supply us various body panels, lights, radiator supports and a splitter.”

“Also, a big thanks to Mitchell Race Xtreme for getting the structural repairs done in a matter of days.”